Physical fitness & Beauty tips for personality development

It is often said that beauty is not skin deep and the real spark in your life is not when your external self shimmers and glitters but when your personality shines through and you stand out in a crowd. However, there is always a raging debate on what personality is really all about. There is a school of thought that stresses on physical structure and a Greek God type physique to define personality. Then there is another group that focuses on mental faculties to describe personality. For them, intellectuals, artists, stage and screen celebrities have an outstanding personality by dint of their talents.

If an overall view has to be taken on this point, basically it is a mix and match of both aspects that go to describe a person and his or her personality. So how does physical fitness and beauty have a hand in personality development?

To illustrate this point better, it will be relevant to rely on a few examples.

Take for instance, the case of an elderly woman with weather beaten looks, fine lines and wrinkles all over the face, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes and other age related skin blemishes. Rarely will you find such a person strong enough to face the world with the same confidence that she did a decade or more ago. However, if she opts to go to one of the many laser clinics in Melbourne or wherever she might be located for top of the line skin rejuvenation treatments, she will be able to turn the clock back on her facial features and regain the self assurance of the past.

The point now is how do these clinics function? These beauty salons and spas have specialised equipment that are based on advanced laser technologies. Light beams from a hand held device enter the skin around the area being treated and boost production of collagen, the matter that is responsible for a fresh, young looking and glowing skin. After a few sessions of laser resurfacing in Melbourne, there is a noticeable reduction in skin blemishes, giving the candidate hope to face the world with a high degree of self-belief. This in turn automatically has a hand in personality development and is also a reason why skin laser clinics are so popular around the world today.

The next point is about interplay of physical fitness and personality development. This can be easily explained if the reasons behind daily vigorous morning runs and gym workouts are carefully analysed. Within the first few minutes of workouts, you will notice a significant increase in heart rate. This enhances supply of blood to the brain making you more alert and active. This lingers long after you have finished your workout regime.

Hence by being physically rejuvenated you achieve high levels of energy which will facilitate greater output and performance at work. This will give you increased self assurance to work with co-workers and peers, an effect that can be directly and indirectly attributed to your active personality.

There is another aspect of physical activities that has a direct bearing on your personality development. As soon as you start working out, along with an increase in heart rate, there is also a corresponding increase in metabolism rate. This helps you to burn calories, shed weight and be a slimmer and fitter you. You gain stamina and strength apart from dropping sizes and shedding pounds.

Hence, when you start to look good in physique you gain the assurance to face the world with confidence. This again becomes a part of your personality development.

These are some of the physical and beauty tips for personality development.