Road Cycling Competitions in Australia

If you want to participate in road cycling competitions in Australia, you have the option of choosing from a range of events – road races, time trials and more. These competitions are held all over the country at different times of the year and hence you can participate in them regardless of the State you might be residing in. However, be warned that most of the races are extremely gruelling and it is necessary that you be in peak fitness conditions before arriving at the starting line.

Given here are some of the top cycling competitions held in Australia.

Noosa Classic – Noosa, Queensland, 26th August, 2018

Noosa in Queensland with its lush rolling hills and stunning beaches is a favourite getaway destination in Australia. Mix it with a cycling event and you have a recipe for one of the most scenic cycle race in the world.

There is a choice of three courses.

The first is a tough 160km race that winds its way through breathtaking landscapes – a memorable experience on two wheels. However, attempt this section only if you have the heart and stamina for it. It can be a ride to test even the fittest. Therefore, make sure that you have put in adequate and long hours at the gym on the treadmill or lifting a barbell weight set before setting off on 28th August.

The second is a 120km Challenge Classic that will surely test your riding skill and endurance but short of the standards required for the 160km course.

The third is the relaxed and comparatively casual 45km Social Classic with an option to stop by at the best cafes on the route.

Arapiles Cycling Event – Horsham, Victoria, 6th October, 2018

This competition is a community bicycle ride from Horsham to Mount Arapiles and return. When you take part in this event, you will also be supporting the cause of the Wimmera Drug Action Task Force. It is a group of community members and representatives whose goal is to reduce the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol on society.

The 128km race is planned over a route that avoids the main highways and roads. Cyclists with rest stops on the way thus get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. A meal is arranged by the organisers post the race. There is another 53km shorter option that includes Horsham to Mount Arapiles with a return bus trip option.

Bowral Classic – Southern Highlands, NSW, 21ST October, 2018

Regardless of whether you an amateur cyclist or a professional, you will get courses to test your skills at the Bowral Classic. There is the tough 160km Maxi Classic, 120km Challenge Classic and the more leisurely 45km Social Classic.

For serious road race cyclists the Maxi Classic is a real challenge. It takes participants through the Southern Highlands where there are rolling hills, steep climbs, rushing descents and long flat stretches before going around Kangaloon. The 1900m elevation will surely test your riding skill and staying powers.

These are some of the top road cycling competitions in Australia.