Top Charity Campaigns to Save Environment

It is not only human beings that need looking after to lead a healthy and vigorous life, in fact Mother Earth in many ways needs it more. Life on this planet sustains itself through a delicate ecological balance. Tears in this fabric can spell doom and disaster for all. Global warming increases sea levels thereby flooding large areas and inhabitable lands, polluted environment resulting from discharge of poisonous gasses of industries and automobiles slowly choke populations across countries at large. Given this scenario, there is rising awareness of saving the world from further damage than is already done and Governments and private charities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure this.

However, for this to happen, it is imperative that funds are available and that too in sufficient quantities. Private donations are of paramount importance if these charities are to discharge their duties to the best of their capabilities. Hence, if you want to contribute your mite to saving Planet Earth and preserve its integrity for future generations, here is a list of charities that deserve a second look and careful study. There is no doubt that they are doing yeomen service to preserve the environment.

Natural Resources Defense Council – This is a charity that has wide ranging ramifications and is not focussed on any specific objective. There are over 1.4 million members and online activists with a battery of top flight lawyers to take care of any litigation. Further, scientists and other environmentalists keep an eye on what is happening around the world with regard to ecological degradation. When you send your donation, it will be acknowledged with a personalised gift card and the action it supports like say “saving an acre of whale nursery”.

Greenpeace Fund – Remember the 1970s and 80’s when hordes of Greenpeace activists carried out peaceful demonstrations against whaling ships, keeping a watch on countries carrying out covert nuclear testing in far flung atolls and accosting ships carrying dangerous chemical wastes and asbestos? Even today, Greenpeace is passionate about its idealism and still takes direct action against those that harm the environment and the ecological system of the world. Groups of Greenpeace members have often resorted to direct action such as thwarting Government efforts to carry out nuclear testing at Amchitka Alaska.

Rainforest Alliance – It has become famous by independently certifying general rainforest produce such as chocolate, coffee and bananas. Those desirous of getting certification from this prestigious institution need to maintain stringent sustainability standards. They also offer advice to the tourism industry on economically vulnerable areas in a bid to cut down on visitors to these places. The group also monitors large scale felling of trees and deforestation. For example, say, if large scale tree removal in Melbourne as well as clearing wooded land for construction and development projects are resorted to, this entity will come up with solutions to prevent this activity. You will be spending good money after good by donating here.

There are many other charities that you can contribute to – Earth Justice, Ocean Conversancy and Earth Island Institute being some other examples. Contribute to these charities for a noble cause.