Road Cycling Competitions in Australia

If you want to participate in road cycling competitions in Australia, you have the option of choosing from a range of events – road races, time trials and more. These competitions are held all over the country at different times of the year and hence you can participate in them regardless of the State you might be residing in. However, be warned that most of the races are extremely gruelling and it is necessary that you be in peak fitness conditions before arriving at the starting line.

Given here are some of the top cycling competitions held in Australia.

Noosa Classic – Noosa, Queensland, 26th August, 2018

Noosa in Queensland with its lush rolling hills and stunning beaches is a favourite getaway destination in Australia. Mix it with a cycling event and you have a recipe for one of the most scenic cycle race in the world.

There is a choice of three courses.

The first is a tough 160km race that winds its way through breathtaking landscapes – a memorable experience on two wheels. However, attempt this section only if you have the heart and stamina for it. It can be a ride to test even the fittest. Therefore, make sure that you have put in adequate and long hours at the gym on the treadmill or lifting a barbell weight set before setting off on 28th August.

The second is a 120km Challenge Classic that will surely test your riding skill and endurance but short of the standards required for the 160km course.

The third is the relaxed and comparatively casual 45km Social Classic with an option to stop by at the best cafes on the route.

Arapiles Cycling Event – Horsham, Victoria, 6th October, 2018

This competition is a community bicycle ride from Horsham to Mount Arapiles and return. When you take part in this event, you will also be supporting the cause of the Wimmera Drug Action Task Force. It is a group of community members and representatives whose goal is to reduce the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol on society.

The 128km race is planned over a route that avoids the main highways and roads. Cyclists with rest stops on the way thus get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. A meal is arranged by the organisers post the race. There is another 53km shorter option that includes Horsham to Mount Arapiles with a return bus trip option.

Bowral Classic – Southern Highlands, NSW, 21ST October, 2018

Regardless of whether you an amateur cyclist or a professional, you will get courses to test your skills at the Bowral Classic. There is the tough 160km Maxi Classic, 120km Challenge Classic and the more leisurely 45km Social Classic.

For serious road race cyclists the Maxi Classic is a real challenge. It takes participants through the Southern Highlands where there are rolling hills, steep climbs, rushing descents and long flat stretches before going around Kangaloon. The 1900m elevation will surely test your riding skill and staying powers.

These are some of the top road cycling competitions in Australia.

Physical fitness & Beauty tips for personality development

It is often said that beauty is not skin deep and the real spark in your life is not when your external self shimmers and glitters but when your personality shines through and you stand out in a crowd. However, there is always a raging debate on what personality is really all about. There is a school of thought that stresses on physical structure and a Greek God type physique to define personality. Then there is another group that focuses on mental faculties to describe personality. For them, intellectuals, artists, stage and screen celebrities have an outstanding personality by dint of their talents.

If an overall view has to be taken on this point, basically it is a mix and match of both aspects that go to describe a person and his or her personality. So how does physical fitness and beauty have a hand in personality development?

To illustrate this point better, it will be relevant to rely on a few examples.

Take for instance, the case of an elderly woman with weather beaten looks, fine lines and wrinkles all over the face, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes and other age related skin blemishes. Rarely will you find such a person strong enough to face the world with the same confidence that she did a decade or more ago. However, if she opts to go to one of the many laser clinics in Melbourne or wherever she might be located for top of the line skin rejuvenation treatments, she will be able to turn the clock back on her facial features and regain the self assurance of the past.

The point now is how do these clinics function? These beauty salons and spas have specialised equipment that are based on advanced laser technologies. Light beams from a hand held device enter the skin around the area being treated and boost production of collagen, the matter that is responsible for a fresh, young looking and glowing skin. After a few sessions of laser resurfacing in Melbourne, there is a noticeable reduction in skin blemishes, giving the candidate hope to face the world with a high degree of self-belief. This in turn automatically has a hand in personality development and is also a reason why skin laser clinics are so popular around the world today.

The next point is about interplay of physical fitness and personality development. This can be easily explained if the reasons behind daily vigorous morning runs and gym workouts are carefully analysed. Within the first few minutes of workouts, you will notice a significant increase in heart rate. This enhances supply of blood to the brain making you more alert and active. This lingers long after you have finished your workout regime.

Hence by being physically rejuvenated you achieve high levels of energy which will facilitate greater output and performance at work. This will give you increased self assurance to work with co-workers and peers, an effect that can be directly and indirectly attributed to your active personality.

There is another aspect of physical activities that has a direct bearing on your personality development. As soon as you start working out, along with an increase in heart rate, there is also a corresponding increase in metabolism rate. This helps you to burn calories, shed weight and be a slimmer and fitter you. You gain stamina and strength apart from dropping sizes and shedding pounds.

Hence, when you start to look good in physique you gain the assurance to face the world with confidence. This again becomes a part of your personality development.

These are some of the physical and beauty tips for personality development.

Ways to Raise Funds for Charity Work

Raising funds for charity is not easy; the main pitfall is repetitive tries of the same age old methods and tactics to woo people to part with their money for a cause. However, if you do go for novel and unique methods you will surely be successful. Your strategies should be primarily based on crowd participating in events that you organise, only then will they have a certain sense of belonging to the cause. Merely being told to donate money for an organisation that caters to welfare of people or for any other ideas might simply not be enough to make people loosen their purse strings, involving them in the whole process is always advisable.

Here are some plans that you can implement to raise funds for a worthy cause or your favourite charity.

  • Include children in your scheme of things – Children are often neglected in the schemes to raise funds for charity. But remember, they can play a big role in your efforts by influencing their parents and donors to contribute. Children in their own way can hype up peer influence and that will definitely be good for you. Organise and hold events that revolve around children’s participation and you can be assured that parents and relatives will follow them in droves to back and support their kids and help in the clause.
  • Hold a carnival – There can be nothing better than fun and games to guarantee people’s involvement in your efforts. If it is a street carnival, hire a bouncing castle on to the street or have your team dress up as clowns to draw attention of passerby’s. Have them carry placards or boards to put your message forward. Alternatively, you can organise the event at the community hall or fair ground. Set up game and food stalls and charge a small entrance fee. You can also contact corporates or educational institutions to set up their kiosks in lieu of a donation. For example, if your charity is in the State of Victoria, Australia, get an Institute offering say a course in Diploma in Nursing in Melbourne to set up a stall. You get money in your coffers while they have the opportunity to publicise their programmes.
  • Organise a competition – What you choose to do depends a great deal on the place that you hold the events. If it is a community hall, the most obvious choices will be cooking competitions, dressing or a fashion show. Put a participation fee for participants and an entry fee for the general public at large. Announce prizes too, however symbolic that might be. Call in some experts to guide you. Most of them will not charge anything for their professional expertise when they know it is for charity. In fact you can treat their free services as their contribution to your cause.
  • Theme based events – This is generally a big draw as it arouses curiosity amongst people to gain additional knowledge on a subject. Call on specialised institutions in your locality to participate in your event. One that never fails to draw in crowds is “health” fairs. Hold a full day affair and get doctors and dentists to talk about health issues briefly, say about 30 minutes each. Hold open symposiums and encourage interaction among the participants too. If you have an institution in your area that offers for example, advanced Diploma of Nursing, request the instructors or students to share their knowledge and skill sets with live demonstration. Apart from the “raising funds for charity angle”, you will be doing a service to the community too. In all cases, fix an affordable entry fee that will not put off people from walking in. And most importantly, hold these events over weekends and holidays to ensure maximum involvement.

These are some of the ideas that you can try out. Your ultimate strategies will depend on the local population mix and the interests that they have.

Licensing and Regulations for Charity Events

Charity events are a fun way to raise money for a good cause and draw attention to non-profit organisations. However, there is nothing easy or low cost about charity events, a lot of planning, hard work as well as coordination with other organisations is essential. In addition, the government has mandatory stipulations of licences and other regulations on how money is accounted and how taxes are paid.

It is imperative to understand these requirements when organising charity events to avoid unforeseen circumstances and expenses that could jeopardise the success of the event. A commercial lawyer will help you out in filling all the applications for obtaining various permits to organise a charity event.

Charitable organisations and individual fundraising professionals need to submit an application through the Charitable Collections Advisory Committee to obtain a licence to host a charity event. The advisory group meets on a monthly basis to review new applications and make recommendations to the Department’s Minister with respect to all the charity licensing matters. The application for a licence should have all the relevant details such as the details of the organisation, the purpose of the event, operating budget and the names of directors and officers.

To host an event, a venue is essential. Look for a place according to the size of the charity event and the number of people intended to attend the charity. When you have finalised the space, you need to obtain a permit. The permit is essential to ensure the safety of the people attending the event and amenity in public places and also assist in the sustainable management of the venue.

Certain charity events where auctions take place to raise money have to obtain selling licence. At auctions, bidders may have fun competing against each other as they donate to a worthy cause but sales tax has to be paid on the items auctioned. Selling permit is required if the organisation sells more than 3 items in a 12 month period, a permit is also required if you plan to hold 3 charity events per year. There is no fee to obtain seller’s licence. Certain consumers such as non-profit parent-teacher associations, cooperative nursery schools and charitable veteran organisations are excluded from getting seller’s permit and paying sales tax.

If you want to serve alcoholic beverages at an event, then you must have a permit. You can apply for a 1-day permit, which acts as a one-day liquor licence. The cost of the licence depends on the type of liquor served and the number of dispensing points. You can also hire a licensed caterer, who is in charge of maintaining all the important licenses for serving alcohol. Before you hire the caterer, confirm that they have the valid licenses and permits to serve alcohol at the event.

Also, a written permission is essential, from the organisation for which you want to organise the charity event. Contact the organisation and tell them that you want to engage in a charity event for them and the activity you have in mind. Also, tell them how you will conduct financial accounting and how to go about advertising the event.

These are some of the regulations and licenses that are essential to host a charity event.

Top Charity Campaigns to Save Environment

It is not only human beings that need looking after to lead a healthy and vigorous life, in fact Mother Earth in many ways needs it more. Life on this planet sustains itself through a delicate ecological balance. Tears in this fabric can spell doom and disaster for all. Global warming increases sea levels thereby flooding large areas and inhabitable lands, polluted environment resulting from discharge of poisonous gasses of industries and automobiles slowly choke populations across countries at large. Given this scenario, there is rising awareness of saving the world from further damage than is already done and Governments and private charities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure this.

However, for this to happen, it is imperative that funds are available and that too in sufficient quantities. Private donations are of paramount importance if these charities are to discharge their duties to the best of their capabilities. Hence, if you want to contribute your mite to saving Planet Earth and preserve its integrity for future generations, here is a list of charities that deserve a second look and careful study. There is no doubt that they are doing yeomen service to preserve the environment.

Natural Resources Defense Council – This is a charity that has wide ranging ramifications and is not focussed on any specific objective. There are over 1.4 million members and online activists with a battery of top flight lawyers to take care of any litigation. Further, scientists and other environmentalists keep an eye on what is happening around the world with regard to ecological degradation. When you send your donation, it will be acknowledged with a personalised gift card and the action it supports like say “saving an acre of whale nursery”.

Greenpeace Fund – Remember the 1970s and 80’s when hordes of Greenpeace activists carried out peaceful demonstrations against whaling ships, keeping a watch on countries carrying out covert nuclear testing in far flung atolls and accosting ships carrying dangerous chemical wastes and asbestos? Even today, Greenpeace is passionate about its idealism and still takes direct action against those that harm the environment and the ecological system of the world. Groups of Greenpeace members have often resorted to direct action such as thwarting Government efforts to carry out nuclear testing at Amchitka Alaska.

Rainforest Alliance – It has become famous by independently certifying general rainforest produce such as chocolate, coffee and bananas. Those desirous of getting certification from this prestigious institution need to maintain stringent sustainability standards. They also offer advice to the tourism industry on economically vulnerable areas in a bid to cut down on visitors to these places. The group also monitors large scale felling of trees and deforestation. For example, say, if large scale tree removal in Melbourne as well as clearing wooded land for construction and development projects are resorted to, this entity will come up with solutions to prevent this activity. You will be spending good money after good by donating here.

There are many other charities that you can contribute to – Earth Justice, Ocean Conversancy and Earth Island Institute being some other examples. Contribute to these charities for a noble cause.